Turnkey renovations

The “turn-key” restructuring services involves the carrying out of the different stages and types of work (construction – electrical – hydraulic) by a single coordinator. There are many advantages, such as: Punctuality of work delivery – As every building site is managed by a single coordinator, all the various working activities are sheduled according to a detailed time schedule and are coordinated so as to avoid overlaps, setbacks or downtime. This method speeds work up, improving its quality. More-affordable costs – The kind of work carried out by a single technical management, allow for large-scale savings due to a lower number of managers compared to the same number needed to carry out working activities performed by several artisan firms. Moreover, single management eliminates inefficiencies and re-building which involve extra costs to be paid by customers Price certainty – Estimates are provided by taking into account the entire work being carried out and, therefore, allow customers to exactly know the costs without worrying about nasty surprises. THIS SERVICE INCLUDES Design Our highly skilled technicians are at your disposal to design and realize 3D rendering with the simulations of the spaces once working activities have been carried out. Demolition and re-building Our workers carry out the demolition of interior masonry and then transport the resulting materials to an authorized waste disposal site. Moreover, we provide the following services: -re-building of construction works (planks, plasterworks, plasters, foundations, floor and wall coatings made of ceramics, wood or stone and related materials); - custom-made processing of stoneworks (stairs, windowsills, bathroom tops, kitchen countertops, bar counters, etc.); - indoor and outdoor painting and decoration; - supply and installation of armoured doors, interior doors, overhead and sectional doors; - design and realization of ventilated walls; - design and realization of thermal insulation; - design and realization of acoustic insulation; - terrace waterproofing; - thermo-hydraulic works (water and waste water facilities, heating with radiators, underfloor heating, energy recovery air-conditioning and ventilation); - electric works (lighting plants, home automation, satellite TV, entry phones, alarms, and video surveillance); - energy certification for the classification of buildings; - acoustic certification; All our staff complies with safety and regular contribution legislation. We have decades of experience in this field.