KNOTTING. This ancient method consists in knotting every single tuft of piles manually on a canvas. This technique, which is typical of the art of the crafts, is expensive and unsuitable for the industrial production. WEAVING. In this technique the stand (warp and weft) is produced simultaneously with the pile. According to the working it is possible to obtain bouclé, cut, sheared or bouclé/cut carpets. TUFTING. With this procedure the pile is threaded through an anchorage stand by a series of sewing needles (from 600 to 2000) placed on the carpet length, according to a process which is similar to the sewing machine one. The pile makes a loop that can be left as it is or cut depending on the type of desired working.


BOUCLÉ STRUCTURE (loop pile): the level loop consists of a surface where all the loops are made with the same height, the High/Low loop has a surface with loops made with two or more heights. CUT STRUCTURE (cut pile): sheared velvet has a surface, that consists of cut piles, and since it is so smooth and compact it makes the tips of the single piles invisible the "Saxony" carpets have a surface with well separated tips the frizzed carpets made with extremely twisted yarns have tips that are oriented in all directions the "Shags" carpets have a surface made up of more or less twisted piles, with a length of four centimetres MIXED STRUCTURE the bouclé/cut (cup loop) has a surface with different heights: the loops are lower while the piles are higher and cut the bouclé/sheared (random sheared or tip sheared) has a surface with lower loops and another one with cut piles and higher loops NEEDLEFELT STRUCTURE the needlefelt structure is made through the laying on a stand, of a layer of short fibres, which are pierced at high frequency by thousands of hooked needles. This layer, worked in this way, is subject to a resin-based process that makes the carpet more resistant and compact. OTHER STRUCTURES the flock printed carpets are made through the vertical application of fibres with a length of about two millimetres on a stand sprinkled with glue the crimped carpets consist of crimped fibres or yarns that are glued on a stand the knit carpets are made through a recent technique, they are used in specific cases, such as in the automotive industry