Laminate floor

The floors in the high-pressure laminate have the characteristic to be particularly resistant to wear. The special film placed in contact with the pavement, protects the lower layers from external stresses such as scratches, high heels and heavy furniture. The particular interlocking system, without the need for glue, make laying fast, accurate and economic. Most of the laminates are fitted in the lower part of a floor mat which increases the performance in terms of thermo-acoustic insulation; The advantages are many: • can be laid over an existing floor, disassembled and reused elsewhere; • can play all different types of wood and virtually any other material or fantasy; • are antistatic and sound absorbent; • are easy to clean; • are also suitable for underfloor heating.


The laminated floors are composed of superimposed layers of different materials. Il main support is constituted by a panel thickness of 8/10 mm generally wood fiber HDF (High Density Fibreboard) or MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) coated on the surface by one or more cards that reproduce photographically the decorative surface of wood or other materials. All these layers are pressed together by a process at elevated temperature known as the Direct Laminate Pressed or DPL. This process is regulated and defined by European legislation, which are established in accordance with all criteria and duration of tests that a floor must meet to be identified as a laminate;


The HPL code defines a laminate that is subjected, as the name implies (High Pressure Laminate) to a pressing very high and this is much more durable, laminate is the type most recommended and appreciated. The HPL has the same appearance of the DPL, but has the advantage that it can be installed in every room of the house including the bathroom, and is indicated in high-traffic public areas. It 's guaranteed for life.


To make a purchasing decision is helpful to know the meaning of symbols that identify the type of laminate that we are choosing: • AC2, the product is cheaper and less durable, it is suitable for domestic or low-medium traffic • AC3, is a good product ideal for heavy domestic use or for areas with little public transit; • AC4, is a great product, suitable for heavy domestic and commercial use; • AC5, a laminate is excellent suitable for shopping centers, car showrooms, gyms, with heavy pedestrian traffic.


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